The Theander background story

Peter Grundtvig Theander was born in Copenhagen on December 5th, 1941. Jens Grundtvig Theander was born on January 22nd, 1944.

Very little is so far known about their childhood. What we do know is that the brothers opened an antique store in the area of Copenhagens Town Hall in the mid-sixties. It’s name was “Rådhus-Antikvariatet” which translated would be something like “Town Hall Antique-store”. The red light district of Copenhagen (Istedgade) is situated 500+ meters from this area. The shop is situated pretty close to the town hall and this area is very beautiful. And for this reason a tourist-attraction. The store can be seen in one of Color Climax’s early magazines called ‘Porno-Instruction’ from 1970.

The Antique store Jens and Peter Theander opened in Copenhagen around 1966

The chronology of the story now is not clear. Peter Theander drove a cab and Jens Theander installed intercom-systems. Whether this was something they did after opening the store is unclear. An article about the History of Porn states they struggled to make ends meet with their store, so this could be jobs taken to increase income. A story claims that while installing an intercom-system Jens witnessed the owner of the store open an envelope full of foreign currency. This was currency recieved due to post-order sales abroad. Jens supposedly thought that they could do this just as well.(*)

Porn was at this time (1966-67) still illegal in Denmark so it had to be sold from beneath the counter. The Danish police often dropped by Rådhus-Antikvariatet to check if they had illegal porn. In the beginning they were selling pinup-magazines. How they managed to avoid being caught is still not known. They soon decided to start producing their own pornography. According to anniversary-editorials in their magazines, Color Climax themselves claims to have published their first Porn magazine in 1967. This will be covered in depth in later posts.

Jens Theander was married two(**) times, Peter at least once. Peter Theander is still alive. Jens Theander died on Mallorca December 20th 2008. He is buried in Denmark.


 (*) We do not know if this story is true. It is a story that might be a myth
(**) Until 2015-04-03 this blog has claimed he was married three times. This is incorrect.
Danish References: (This site is now defunct.)
Pictures are taken from the magazine ‘Porno Instruction’ from 1970.


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  2. Hey! This was my dad (Jens Theander) , I would
    Love to know where you got this information as in trying to find out more about his past, thank you!

  3. I don’t want my full name published … because of the character of my story with Jens Theander. When I was 17 in 1959 I was in the same boy’s boarding school as Jens Theander, he being 15 years old. I got to know Jens because we were sitting next to each other at a First Help-course for boy scouts. We were wearing short green trousers and our thighs would stay together under the school table.
    Later, when we had the chance to be alone in his room and lock the door, we got very exited and had quick sex. I have a very clear memory of what happened the next minutes: I thought the fun was over and stood by the window looking out, when he came from behind and held me and kissed my neck … first time I felt “love” in connection with boarding school sex. Our affair developed over some months, and more could be told about Jens as a considerate lover.. who also was eager to experiment and trying it out with other boys, making me jealous.
    Thanks to the king of porn for my first experience of caring love….

    • Hi

      Not sure I understand your question. The magazines they published?
      There are a lot of places online selling these second hand (often overpriced unfortunately).
      If you’re talking about books ‘about’ the Theanders, they do not exist. to my knowledge.
      My info is gathered from tons of books, documentaries and newspapers. They are in almost all cases just briefly mentioned.

      Did you get your answer?


  4. Hi,

    as per other people,would love to know history of 2 brothers and Rodox.

    I do have CC No1 and final CC from 2000.

    I do have a DVD from a uk TV company,who sent Mary Whitehouse to Copenhagen in 1970,to interview people at Rodox.She interviews,one man,not either Theanders,about porn.You also see Jens,photographing a shoot.Rodcox van deliverying books and the 1970 erotic festival.

    You heard of Mary Whitehouse ?

    Good DVD on history of Rodox.

    Anyone know value of CC No1 ?

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Is it ok for me to send you an email? (Although noone here can see your email, I have that opportunity in the backend of the system.)

      Or you can shoot me a few Words. I’ll be happy to discuss what you bring to the table

      admin [a] climaxstory. com


  5. Hi,
    Im not sure if this site is still open. My cousin comes from Denmark and had worked for the Theander brothers in 1978 to 1986 I understand she worked alongside Tiny Tove on one occasion She appeared in Teen movies mainly and would be recognised by a seasoned Color Climax fan. Later she appeared for Club Seventeen. She keeps in touch with several of the other girls. She appeared in “Be prepared” next to Tiny Tove. We remain very close and she has told me what life was like then.I worked on 6 8mm films for CC.
    I understand Tiny Tove took up a profession and is a very private person now. I still keep in touch with [name removed] who appeared in many CC films together with her friends. Im married to an ex model and live in Flensburg. Hope thats interesting. Best wishes YR.

    • Hello Jules,

      ich bin ein Buchautor, der momentan einen Roman über eine Rockband der 70er Jahre schreibt. Dabei geht es auch um die Color-Climax-Pornos. Ich habe auch mal Anfang der 1990er Jahre ein Interview mit der Darstellerin Inge Kläskens geführt, das ich leider nicht mehr habe. Ich würde gerne für mein Buch gerne etwas mehr über die Produktionsbedingungen für die Darsteller erfahren. Wäre es möglich deiner Frau diesbezüglich dazu ein paar Fragen (schriftlich) zu stellen?
      Viele Grüße

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