Peter Theander passed away at 82

According to some sources, Peter Theander passed away at the age of 82 last month.
(We have not been able to verify this 100%)
His brother Jens died in 2008.

They both started to produce under-the-counter pornography in late 1967/early 98.
Production started in their cellar* in Rodosvej and in the back of their Antiqueshop Rådhusantikvariatet. (You would not find much antiques there … )
The police raided the premises of resellers and almost drove everyone out of business.
“We were very small at the time and probably dodged under the radar a little bit” Peter claims in an early 1969 interview.

When it came clear for everyone where the laws was heading, the police stopped bothering the porn-stores, and especially the Theanders started to slowly build up what would be their empire.
Peter and Jens’ main magazine, Color Climax, started it’s run already in 1968 and was in color.
From there they continued to expand into being the largest company of porn.

The dream of getting an interview with Peter (or Jens back then) is gone.
It wouldn’t have happened with Peter anyway. I’ve tried.
My they have found piece