A note about the 1967 police-raid

The Copenhagen Police-raid in 1967 was mentioned in the previous post. All the major porn-companies were hit and a few supposedly went out of business due to this. I said it was unknown why the Theander brothers dodged the bullet. I would say it still is, but Peter Theander himself gives a short explanation on why, in an interview with Gordon Schindler. The interview was done around 1969.

As a company we were very small at this time. We had just started and there were 3 or 4 big companies. Then all the trouble with the police started and they nearly close the other companies. But we were so small here that they didnt see us.

Jens and Peter Theander had just started their business at the time the police conducted the raid. So it seems that they might not have been targeted. This probably gave the brothers an advantage. Peter is known to be an extremely skilled business-man, so this was what they needed to lay the foundation to what would become Denmark’s most successful porn-company in the seventies and eighties.

Interview with Peter Theander by Gordon Schindler, ca 1969.
Interview with Ole Ege, ‘Candy Film – da børneporno var lov’ (ep 1) (Impact TV/DR2 2016)