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To fully understand the history of Rodox Trading we have to know a thing or two about the Danish Laws vs. Pornography. Censorship has been part of the Danish laws since 1537. The first concrete paragraph made against porn came in 1799 when a law against fornication was added. In 1866 it became illegal to publish and distribute pornographic material. As in other countries, novels including what was considered immoral became prohibited. In Denmark Herman Bang’s ‘Haabløse Slægter’ became illegal after a trial in 1881.

Throughout the 60’s a public demand to lift this ban grew larger and larger. Weekend-Sex, a magazine published and produced by Leo Madsen and Ole Ege was released for the first time in 1966. At this time the Theander brothers had opened a second hand bookstore in Copenhagen. They sold imported pornography from behind the counter. Around this time they also started to produce and publish their own pornography.
In 1967 Denmark legalized the distribution and publication of *written* pornography.

On December 12th 1968 the Minister of Justice, Knud Thestrup, handed in a proposal to a new law. This law intended to legalize distribution of pornographic pictures to people over 16 years old.
He was supposedly restricted towards the legalization of porn in 1966 but changed his mind. The reason was that he was concerned over the lack of esthetic’s and quality in the pornography circulating at the time!

On July 1st 1969 § 234 was removed and pornography in every form became legal. Unfortunately this also included bestiality, sodomy and pornographic material including children.

§ 235 came June 16th 1980. This law made it illegal to produce and distribute child pornography. This law was tightened April 2nd 2003 when it became illegal to produce pornography including actors below the age of 18. Up until this point it had still been somewhat legal to produce pornography including teenagers down to the age of 15 years old. In Denmark the age of consent is 15 years.

Pornography including animals is still legal to produce if “there is done no harm to the animal”……

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  2. I visited a Copenhagen porn shop in 1974, and remember seeing two books of child porn. One was all photographs of very young girls on the lawns pissing at the camera. The other was young boys and girls having oral sex with nuns and priests.

    I want to know about the parents who allowed their children to take part in the pornography, and how those children, who are now adults, feel about it now. Can you help me?

    • Actually, I can to some extend. But I can’t go out with it yet as it is a work under progress. I am not allowed to share what I know yet, the journalist working on this exact subject isn’t finished yet. But this blog will, in depth, discuss this troublesome part of Danish Porn history. So just check back now and then and your question will be covered!

  3. Have been visiting Copenhagen on several accounts in 1970s. Took a detailed tour through Sex shops who had an exuisite, complete set of films and magazines covering everybody s taste, but havent noticed any shildren porn material.
    Must stress out my admiration for Color Climax porn materials generally, who offered fantastic, so lively and realistic insight in all relevant sex ,,departments,, with many amateur models, ordinary people of different background, education or proffesion. Seems to me that everything from 80s on, made the production too professional i.e. industrial like! Todays porn makes me sick, lacking practically everything the 70s and 80s gave to the World.

    • Thanks for posting.

      I’m glad to hear the underage porn wasn’t on full display, however there are absolutely no doubt that they were doing this shit, unfortunately.
      I also agree about the quality of CC throughout 70’s. Funny thing, Peter Theander didn’t like Jens Theander’s way of shooting porn. (After a while at least). He wanted it to be more quality like. But to many fans of CC it IS the 70s that is considered classic porn and that was Candy Film in Baldersgate, where Jens was the boss, making it. After Candy Film was closed and Jens and Peter settled in court (and for that reason the court papers aren’t publicly available 🙁 ) and Jens quit altogether, Peter went for Freelance-productions and you can easily see who made what out of the style. (Although I don’t know any names of those freelancers).
      As you, I don’t think the CC porn was as good after this happened.


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