50 years of legislation

I should have posted this on the actual date :).
May 30th, 2019 it was 50 years ago since porn was legalized in Denmark. This happened after a long fight throughout the 60’s. 
Denmark almost immediately became a huge attraction for tourists and smart business-men (and con-artists) found creative ways of making money.
Theander-brothers was involved in organizing the exhibition “Sex 69” in October 69. It was a tremendous success, they had to expand it by two days to cover the demand.
By the time they closed 48000 people had entered Københallen.
§ 234 was officially lifted on July 1st, 1969.
A closer look at Danish Laws and legislation is written in this post.

Picture: De forbudte billeder (The forbidden pictures)
First Sexhibition in Denmark (Politiken.dk)