50 years of legislation

I should have posted this on the actual date :).
May 30th, 2019 it was 50 years ago since porn was legalized in Denmark. This happened after a long fight throughout the 60’s. 
Denmark almost immediately became a huge attraction for tourists and smart business-men (and con-artists) found creative ways of making money.
Theander-brothers was involved in organizing the exhibition “Sex 69” in October 69. It was a tremendous success, they had to expand it by two days to cover the demand.
By the time they closed 48000 people had entered Københallen.
§ 234 was officially lifted on July 1st, 1969.
A closer look at Danish Laws and legislation is written in this post.

Picture: De forbudte billeder (The forbidden pictures)
First Sexhibition in Denmark (Politiken.dk)


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    • I suspect you mean the Esther that is present in some earlier CC-stories?
      I have no info on her, but there are forums where there might be people available to answer such questions.
      Have you heard about VEF-forum? 🙂

  1. Do you know anything about how the poor children who were abused in these films ended up? I just can’t imagine how you would console a kid or how you would help them deal with the trauma afterwards.

    • Hi

      There’s no way to know this, unfortunately. I have not seen any of these myself, nor do I want too, but as far as we know, CCC did not produce any of it themselves. They bought the material and a lot of it was produced in third world countries, often in Asia.
      I know there’s a journalist working on a clue that CCC might have been involved in the production, but I haven’t heard anything about him being finished with his work, or if it at all lead to something.
      He was in contact with a pedophile prisoner who had been sexually abused as a child himself, also in the production of CP.
      When the porn-law was lifted in Denmark, all restrictions were removed regarding publishing. So any content could be published legally. But you could not produce underage material, since this would violate another law. Age of consent was (and probably is) 16 years of age.
      So producing CP in Denmark would violate that law. After the legalization Theander’s did everything by the law. As far as we know.
      So no, the faith of these children is unknown. They were destroyed by cynical people and Peter Theander did not hesitate to buy and publish, since that part was legal. “Someone else would do it if we don’t” was one of his arguments.
      I have interviews that suggest Jens Theander did not like this bit, being a father himself. But he is dead now and Peter is not willing to speak.
      So that’s how far we can get in knowledge around this.

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