The Loophole

I’ve mentioned it before, the legalisation of porn in 1969 created a loophole which made it possible to produce and distribute pornographic content including underage material and porn including animals. If you watch the documentary DR2/Impact TV made last year (Candy Film – Da børneporno var lovlig ) you will be aware that it never was legal to produce child porn in Denmark. The loophole in the law made it possible for Peter Theander (and other even bigger CP retailers) to buy content produced in other countries and distribute this as magazines and films. It has never been proved, to my knowledge, that Rodox Corporation actually produced child pornographic material, but they did produce magazines and 8mm movies including this, bought in from other countries. They probably didn’t care much about the laws in the countries where porn was made though.

I will go deeper into this dark side of Color Climax Corporation later. Next post will be about Rodosvej 13.

Peter Theander as Porn Director

Peter Theander (to the right) instructing a couple in the art of lovemaking on film

sources:  Impact TV / DR2 – Da Børneporno var lovligt
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The Loophole — 6 Comments

  1. Hello! First of all I would like to say that I am a great admirer of the art of Color Climax, it has given me great moments of happiness in my youth.
    My question is: do you know anything about a cc actress named “Esther?” She was a thin girl with black hair.
    Thank you.

    • Hi

      The only thing I know about Esther is her appearances in various Color Climax Magazines.
      Unfortunately I do not know anything about her as a person.
      There are very, very few CC performers I know anything about outside what they did there.
      So, sorry


      • Thank you very much for responding, I have been searching for some time and it is difficult to find an answer, haha.

        Regarding that, do you know someone who has worked in Color Climax in those years that I can contact? I mean any person, producers, photographers or anyone.

        I appreciate your kindness and I love your page.

        • Hi, thanks for your answer.

          I haven’t been able to get any former CCC staff/models to speak, unfortunately. So the answer to that is no 🙁


  2. Hello again,

    Do you know something about Horny Rob?
    It is probably that I can talk to him in the future.
    If you want to talk to him, send me a message to my email.

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