Klimaks – The Very First Magazine From Jens and Peter

It has taken me some time to track down a copy of this magazine and I have also been searching for sources to verify that this is the first magazine they made. It is actually the only magazine I own.

About the Laws (short recap)

I’ve already mentioned that porn in Denmark was liberated on July 1st 1969, but the process started way earlier. In Copenhagen there were many shops In the mid-sixties, that could provide customers with porn. Since porn was illegal, this included written text, police tried to strike down on it, raiding shops and warehouses. The problem was to define what porn actually was. The law did not. The police had to drag the confiscated material to the court, and sometimes they experienced the court disagree. This made the job futile, they did have other things to attend, too.
This led the Danish Justice Minister to commission a review of the law, in 1964. In 1966 it was recommended that written words should no longer be procecuted as illegal.

As citizens of Copenhagen, Peter and Jens Theander witnessed all this up close. They both seem to have been taxi-drivers at this point, but decided in 1966 to put their money into a second-hand bookstore named Rådhusantikvariatet. It basically was a pornshop. The clearly illegal stuff was hidden under the counter. Pinups and nudist-magazines was on display. They soon experienced the demand for the ‘harder stuff’ and must at this point have decided to make their own magazines.

Klimaks – the First Theander Publication

In 1967 they published their first magazine Klimaks. A Black & White hardcore magazine with 28 pages. Their first edition was produced in a quantity of 10.000 prints and it sold out pretty quick. (So it’s not unlikely they reprinted the magazine, but I have found no knowledge of this)

Jens Theander is showing this magazine to a TV-team where he says “It’s called Klimaks and it has no number, we didn’t know at the time that we would go on to produce a series called Color Climax”

There is no text at all and there are 30 pictures in total (plus 3 on the cover). In the story itself only 13 are of the ‘hard’ sort. 5 closeups of the female genitals, 5 shows the women giving oral sex to him and 3 are pictures of intercourse. It is safe to say they were learning the art.

a Simple Story

Story is simple and pretty standard:
We meet two women who are horny. Of course they are …
So they start to undress each other. On page 8 they hear something and on page 10 a guy pops his head in, with a big grin. “Of course I’ll join”.

The short-haired woman starts giving fellatio to the man on page 15. (Remember, we’re now over halfway through the pages). It’s first on page 16, though, that we actually can see the action.
The last picture shows his penis buried in one of womens vagina, while the second woman is lying on top of her (See bottom left pic on front-cover).
12 of 13 action-pictures are close ups. The thirteenth is actually not hard, short haired woman gives fellatio, but you do not see anything.

I do not know if my copy is a reprint, but backcover shows a stamp claiming the responsible publisher to be Bengt Olsson at AP Forläget in Sweden. This is ofcourse non-existent. They put this on the magazines to trick the police to believe it came from Sweden. Bengt Olsson is a very generic, Swedish, name.

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– Excerpt from a TV-clip filmed in the 70s at Jens Theanders office, aquired from “Da Barneporno var lovligt”, part 2.
– Child Pornography, an Investigation – by Tim Tate, 1990