Candy Film – Da børneporno var lovlig


DR2 in Denmark currently airs a three-part documentary called “Candy Film – Da børneporno var lovlig”. (Candy Film – when Child pornography was legal). If you’re interested and understand Danish you’ll find the two first episodes at . Program is in Danish.
I’ve seen it all and it’s very interesting. It’s a good documentary that also sheds some light on the beginning of Rodox/CCC. Part three will be aired on Monday, February 8th

I will go into the subjects brought up in this documentary but will stick to my plan as it is. This blog has really suffered under my health but I am currently working on material that soon will be updated here. Still, don’t expect posts to occur to often, but I can assure they are now in the brewing.

Note: You will also be able to find the email-address to make contact at the bottom of each posts, if you have any questions, comments or stories to tell.

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Candy Film – Da børneporno var lovlig — 5 Comments

  1. Hello to the world of CCC-Fans (I am!)
    Clearly spoken, the world is full of rare “types”, seems that I belong to them
    I am a collector of erotic items in the main field of philately. It´s nearly not worth to speak about it, but hobby is hobby, isn´t it?
    Porn (beginning, so-called vintage) is apart from this, logical, the stronger part.
    So what could happens? The most normal thing: I came in my collecting of porn mag on the one hand to combine/find sources on philatelic terms
    Clearly spoken: I look now also for covers = postal items showing adresses or sender of firms, editors or sex-/pornstars. That’s easier said than done! It´s obvious, they are hard to find or it seems so! For example the well estimated CCC. They surely sent out in those glorious times of beginning covers to consumers with its sender-lines. Not franked with stamps (what a nonsens and expensive, now franked with automatical meter stamps, in German called “Freistempel”, red one´s or blue
    I haven’t been idle in the meantime, either. No! I asked directly in Copenhagen. but efforts without sense. Why? Many time passed, all is today electronic, old archives (f.e. letters undeliverable!) are destroyed and so on. The lady at the switchboard was very anxios and very sympathic, but the result was null, expectedly.
    Collectors are sometimes/often crazy -to whom I am telling this!
    What a pleasure to find a simple, simple cover so inconspicuous with mention of CCC or Private in Stockholm!!! Please, take notice, that´s not a matter of “Mauritius”….! Covers to Beate Uhse in Flensburg are comparatively a mass!
    Who does help and gives me the lucky punch?!

  2. This documentary interests me. Unfortunately, I don’t understand Danish, and only a few parts are in English. Do you know of a transcript for any of these parts in English?


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