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Klimaks – The Very First Magazine From Jens and Peter

It has taken me some time to track down a copy of this magazine and I have also been searching for sources to verify that this is the first magazine they made. It is actually the only magazine I own. … Continue reading

A note about the 1967 police-raid

The Copenhagen Police-raid in 1967 was mentioned in the previous post. All the major porn-companies were hit and a few supposedly went out of business due to this. I said it was unknown why the Theander brothers dodged the bullet. I would say … Continue reading

It all begins in Rådhusantikvariatet, Studiestræde 17

The history of what would become Europe’s (and maybe the worlds) largest producer of porn started in Studiestræde 17 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The history of Studiestræde 17 itself is over 600 years old. Current building was build in 1803. The ground … Continue reading

Candy Film – Da børneporno var lovlig

DR2 in Denmark currently airs a three-part documentary called “Candy Film – Da børneporno var lovlig”. (Candy Film – when Child pornography was legal). If you’re interested and understand Danish you’ll find the two first episodes at dr2.dk . Program is in Danish. … Continue reading