The Theander background story

Bjørn Grundtvig Theander father of Jens Grundtvig Theander and Peter Grundtvig Theander

Peter Grundtvig Theander was born in Copenhagen on December 5th, 1941. Jens Grundtvig Theander was born on January 22nd, 1944. Their parents were Bjørn Grundtvig Theander (picture) and Birthe Olsen. They were divorced in 1944 so it is likely she took back her maiden name. Their father was a Chemical Engineer and their mother was a dentist. Peter and Jens Theander also have three siblings from their fathers next marriage. Their names are not important and is therefore not mentioned here.

Very little is so far known about their childhood. What we do know is that the brothers opened an antique store in the area of Copenhagens Town Hall in the mid-sixties. It’s name was “Rådhus-Antikvariatet” which translated would be something like “Town Hall Antique-store”. The red light district of Copenhagen (Istedgade) is situated 500+ meters from this area. The shop is situated pretty close to the town hall and this area is very beautiful. And for this reason a tourist-attraction. The store can be seen in one of Color Climax’s early magazines called ‘Porno-Instructions’ from 1970.

The Antique store Jens and Peter Theander opened in Copenhagen around 1966

The chronology of the story now is not clear. Peter Theander drove a cab and Jens Theander installed intercom-systems. Whether this was something they did after opening the store is unclear. An article about the History of Porn states they struggled to make ends meet with their store, so this could be jobs taken to increase income. A story claims that while installing an intercom-system Jens witnessed the owner of the store open an envelope full of foreign currency. This was currency recieved due to post-order sales abroad. Jens supposedly thought that they could do this just as well.(*)

Porn was at this time (1966-67) still illegal in Denmark so it had to be sold from beneath the counter. The Danish police often dropped by Rådhus-Antikvariatet to check if they had illegal porn. In the beginning they were selling pinup-magazines. How they managed to avoid being caught is still not known. They soon decided to start producing their own pornography. According to anniversary-editorials in their magazines, Color Climax themselves claims to have published their first Porn magazine in 1967. This will be covered in depth in later posts.

Jens Theander was married three times. He marrired his first wife Jytte Munk in 1965, she died in 1976. They had two children. He got married again with Sussi Lise, they got three children together. They probably got divorced and his last partner was Ane Randrup. They got one child. Jens Theander died on Mallorca December 20th 2008  at the age of 64 leaving behind six children. He is buried at Solbjerg Cemetary in Copenhagen.

Peter Theander seems to have no Children. His first wife was Anne-Grethe, but her name might be Anna or Anna-Grethe. (More on that later). When they got married is unknown but we do know she died in 2002. He seems to have a new partner by now named Bodil Schnipper, a (probably retired) architect.

(*) We do not know if this story is true. It is a story that might be a myth
Danish References:

Pictures are taken from and the Magazine ‘Porn Instructions’ from 1971.

A note about updates

There have been no posts here since november 26th 2012. There is a simple reason to that. We’ve been in doubt wether this blog should be kept clean of pornographic material. The decision is as follows.
To fully understand every aspect of Rodox we need to show examples from their work.

Pornography and Danish Laws

Climax Story danish Pornography Laws Istedgade

To fully understand the history of Rodox Trading we have to know a thing or two about the Danish Laws vs. Pornography. Censorship has been part of the Danish laws since 1537. The first concrete paragraph made against porn came in 1799 when a law against fornication was added. In 1866 it became illegal to publish and distribute pornographic material. As in other countries, novels including what was considered immoral became prohibited. In Denmark Herman Bang’s ‘Haabløse Slægter’ became illegal after a trial in 1881.

Throughout the 60′s a public demand to lift this ban grew larger and larger. Weekend-Sex, a magazine published and produced by Leo Madsen and Ole Ege was released for the first time in 1966. At this time the Theander brothers had opened a second hand bookstore in Copenhagen. They sold imported pornography from behind the counter. Around this time they also started to produce and publish their own pornography.
In 1967 Denmark legalized the distribution and publication of *written* pornography.

On December 12th 1968 the Minister of Justice, Knud Thestrup, handed in a proposal to a new law. This law intended to legalize distribution of pornographic pictures to people over 16 years old.
He was supposedly restricted towards the legalization of porn in 1966 but changed his mind. The reason was that he was concerned over the lack of esthetic’s and quality in the pornography circulating at the time!

On July 1st 1969 § 234 was removed and pornography in every form became legal. Unfortunately this also included bestiality, sodomy and pornographic material including children.

§ 235 came June 16th 1980. This law made it illegal to produce and distribute child pornography. This law was tightened April 2nd 2003 when it became illegal to produce pornography including actors below the age of 18. Up until this point it had still been somewhat legal to produce pornography including teenagers down to the age of 15 years old. In Denmark the age of consent is 15 years.

Pornography including animals is still legal to produce if “there is done no harm to the animal”……

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